Market Optimisation

We’re experts in optimising energy asset design and operation. Our experience covers many different asset types, market designs and value streams. We can help you maximise earnings from your existing assets, and optimise your investment decisions for the future.

Energy portfolio and asset scheduling

  • Bespoke optimisation and decision support tools to get the most from your portfolio
  • Technology agnostic: Thermal plant, CHP, hydro, storage, financial contracts and options, demand side response, and gas assets and contracts
  • Cross-market channel optimisation covering wholesale, ancillary services, imbalances, gas and carbon
  • Energy vector integration, such as power-to-heat and power-to-gas

Energy market modelling and system analysis

  • Understand how a changing world impacts your business
  • Model the interface between the market, physical assets and transmission system
  • Quantify the effects of ancillary services, grid constraints, cross-border flows and restrictions
  • Detailed, consistent scenarios across multiple market channels
  • Analysis and advice regarding key market drivers and regulation

Business case preparation and analysis

  • We support you in making the case for new investments
  • Combine market and technical insights to understand an investment’s financial potential
  • Establish the best business case for each asset across multiple market channels
  • Quantify the impact of market and regulatory risks
  • Optimise trade-off between design decisions and CAPEX against future value

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