Intra-array and export cable design optimisation.

Delivering CAPEX and Cost of Energy reduction to your project Today.

CAPEX reduction through state of the art optimisation

CableArchitect™ uses state of the art optimisation to cut the CAPEX and lifetime costs of inter-array & export cables for your wind farm. By combining the knowledge gained from years of working within the wind industry, including on some of the world's largest wind farms with cutting edge data science techniques CableArchitect™ designs cable routes that deliver lowest cost of energy.

Welcome to the next generation of optimisation...

6% average CAPEX reduction
4km average length of cable saved
+1GW on and offshore projects have trusted us with their cable design

Case Study

CableArchitect Case Study BeforeCableArchitect Case Study After

7.2% cable length reduction
7.5km of cable length saved
£1.2m CAPEX saved


Built with the flexibility to support on and offshore wind farms CableArchitect™ has been designed to answer the key questions in electrical design. Have a bespoke requirement for your site? – no problem: our in-house electrical and optimisation experts can support you throughout the optimisation process.

Save time

CableArchitect™ delivers real time savings for your electrical engineers by drastically improving the efficiency of the cable array design process. This allows your team to focus on the outcomes rather than spending time in the process itself.

Sensitivity Studies

Understand the sensitivities of your project by utilising the fast assessment of different project configurations. Enable your project to take informed decisions about the key design choices during development.

CableArchitect™ is part of a growing family of wind products that Uniper is offering to help the industry meet the challenges of reducing the Cost of Energy. When used together with WindArchitect™ it offers Cost of Energy optimization for the whole wind farm. Find out more about WindArchitect™ and or other products here.