PIMS-OM: Outage Management Software Suite

Regardless of the size of your business, effective outage management helps you prioritise and target your investments.

  • Ensure the outage progress is transparent and all asset items are inspected
  • Manage entire generation plant outage processes, from initial planning to the final review
  • Suggest work based on previous activities and emergent issues
  • Provide visibility of the outage progress for the outage team and the station staff

PIMS-OM is designed to aid the preparation, implementation and reporting of a power station inspection programme. The product handles the capturing of the major document types required to fulfil an outage process namely the Technical Review (TR), the Outage Co-ordination Document (OCD), Outage Tracker (OT) and the Outage Summary. PIMS-OM can produce draft and final reports at any stage of the Outage Process. This software suite has a number of advantages over “traditional processes” that utilise MS Excel and MS Word documents to prepare the Outage documentation.

  • Duplication: Traditionally each MS Excel and MS Word document was a standalone record which contained duplicate information across documents. PIMS-OM addresses this issue since it is a single repository for outage inspection information.
  • QA – Traceability: MS Excel and MS Word documentation does not use unique identifiers allowing ambiguous tracing from the Stations 'Written Schemes of Examination' through to the TR, OCD, OT, outage correspondence, OSR and final integrity reports. PIMS-OM addresses this issue since it is a single inventory for all the outage documents and provides full traceability.
  • QA-Compliance: MS Excel and MS Word documentation provides poor visibility of how OCD inspection recommendations relate to the Regulatory (PSSR: Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000) and Uniper Best Practice (ERMS: Engineering Risk Management Standards) minimum standards since the information is across documents. PIMS-OM enables Responsible Engineers to select the appropriate Regulation or ERMS for each activity.
  • Budgetary Analysis: The traditional process of using MS Excel and MS Word documentation was not well suited to budgetary analysis. PIMS-OM is capable of generating a full list of outage activities associated with each job number and quote the relevant Job (SAP PM) Number.
  • The previous system required much administrative effort such as the creation of standard document templates, coordination of the responsible engineers input, document version control, recording of the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) results during the outage, monitoring outage progress, managing correspondence and final documentation checks. PIMS-OM automates many of the above tasks.
  • Document Formats: Traditionally stations will maintain their own documentation which tends to evolve over time causing variations in format and structure of the documents from station to station and year to year. PIMS-OM produces standard reports with a pre-defined appearance and structure which wherever possible is integrated with SAP PM.

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